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About Yue

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Curator • Scholar • Writer • Artist • Filmmaker

A Rebellious Art Curator • A Reliable Art Manager

B.A. in Art History @ NYU 
M.A. in Regional Studies East Asia @ Harvard 

Yue is an independent curator and writer. Her academic interests lie in avant-garde movements, revolutions, text-based art and media studies, art/activism and global Maoism. Her academic pursuits delve into the global 1960s, the intricate social and cultural fabric shaping aesthetics, and the intersection of art, technology and politics in the contemporary world.​ 


Yue received M.A. in Regional Studies East Asia at Harvard University and B.A. magna cum laude in Art History from New York University. Her M.A. thesis “Revolutions write Large: A Study of Dazibao” was honored with the Fletcher Award for Best Thesis, bestowed upon only 2-3 students annually. The thesis delves deep into the history, materiality, and international legacy of dazibao, or big-character-posters, a form of text in public space to opinionate and effect change.

Apart from the academic pursuits, Yue has been active in the art world. She curated exhibitions in museums and galleries. She realized digital exhibition "Guerrillas in Flatland: Unite! Digital Voyagers" with $50k at China's largest public contemporary art museum, Power Station of Art Shanghai in 2020, showcasing art in a unique online environment, replicating and subverting familiar digital interfaces. The exhibition was recognized by the nation-wide annual award “Emerging Curators Project” at the museum. She also coordinated the first oversea retrospective show “Thought and Method” of artist Xu Bing at Museum MACAN, the first in Indonesia to have a collection of modern and contemporary art. She also closely works with artists who use cutting-edge technology in their creative process. 


Yue co-taught “Internet Art Electives” at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and gave lectures at China Academy of Art and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. She was selected for the digital research trip by Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council in 2022 and has been working on a new digital community initiative for artists, curators and researchers. Interviews have been published in The Art Newspaper, IDEAT, Architectural Practice, etc.   


“A Spring Breeze” | Power Station of Art (PSA) Museum, Shanghai, China | 2022.12 - 2023.3

“Meta-Morphosis” | Yiwei Gallery, Venice, LA | 2022.12-2023.1

“Flatland Guerrillas: Unite! Digital Voyagers” | PSA Museum, Award-winning, Online | 2021.3-6


Guest lecturer @ Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, May-June 2021

  •  Design and co-taught course: "Internet Art Elective" with Funa Ye

  • Topics: Internet art, media archaeology, web programming

  • 59 undergraduate students and 11 graduate students 

Guest lecturer @ China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, 2021

“International Design Education Workshop", School of Innovation and Design

Art Teaching Assistant @ Guggenheim Museum of Art, 2017



Associate Director @ Green Bus Gallery

Santa Monica, CA, 2023

At Green Bus Gallery, founded by CAA president Richard Lovett, I held a dual role as a curator and associate director. Collaborating closely with the senior director, I was actively involved in every aspect of exhibition creation, from conceptualization to execution. My knack for storytelling and proficiency with 3D modeling tools and graphic design enabled me to craft proposals with engaging visual narratives. Our inaugural exhibition celebrated the influence of African-American icons like Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson in the golden era of Rock and Roll. Through creative mediums like wall installations, colored frames, and curated TV footage, we presented their legacy in a compelling and critically thoughtful manner

Art Investment & Market Research @ Masterworks

New York, 2022

Masterworks is an art investment unicorn start-up using disruptive technology and business strategy, allowing everyone to own a piece of blue-chip art, like paintings by Picasso, Banksy and Kusama.  

I joined the company as an intern, worked across the acquisition, research and sales department, developed a data-driven artwork acquisition framework and gave investment recommendations on two artists, Amoako Boafo and Zao Wou-ki, by analyzing art market sales projections, evaluating true artwork popularity through ambiguous data (excluding noise), and researching artists’ profiles. 

Project Manager @Xu Bing Studio

Beijing, 2018-2020 

​Xu Bing is a renowned Chinese contemporary artist, the recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Award.

I worked closely with the artist in the start-up-styled studio and took responsibility for project management, sales coordination, interpretation, scheduling, invoicing, publishing, etc.

I administered 30+ projects, commercial collaborations and interviews with World Economic Forum, BBC…connected with the first-tier media and museum resources, promoted the artist’s global exposure and managed sales with high-profile collectors from price inquiry to acquisitions, identified potential sponsors, sustained long-term client liaisons and increased studio revenue.

More about the artist at

EXTRACURRICULAR seven improbable facts about me


I worked as a part-time usher for four years at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, the largest avant-garde theater in downtown NYC, but missed the Game of Throne NY premiere there every time.


I've adopted 8 cats in life, even going so far as to take a flight and drive for two hours to a remote shelter.


I embody both the adventurous spirits of a Sag and the leadership qualities of an ENTJ (commander).


At the age of 16, I spent a night on the street in New York City, meeting a vagabond artist who drew a portrait of me on discarded cardboard sourced from a nearby trash bin.


Summer school at Cornell was my first time in the U.S. Unfamiliar with how to request a bus stop, I found myself lost and eventually hitchhiked home. 


I attended the Burning Man and nearly married a man I had known for just three days.


I work as a curator but dreamed to become a film director. 

Say hi to Hiro and Icarus...
My fur babies

😺 Big Brother: Hiro/Hiroshima 广岛 🎂3/3/2023
🐱 Little Sister: Ica/Icarus 伊卡 🎂5/3/2023
💕 Adopted from shelter in Ohio, mixed breeds
🏖️ Now we live happily together in Los Angeles, CA

Follow us on IG: Jupiter_in_fur

(As a big Sagittarius, Jupiter is my lucky star)

Advocate for "Stop the Overpopulation of Pets" shelter:

1152 Lexington Ave Mansfield OH, 44907

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