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A Spring Breeze

Power Station of Art, Shanghai

Curated by ZHANG Yingying & WU Yue

2022.12.17 - 2023.03.19 



Emerging Curators Project 2022 | Teamwork!


As part of the Museum's

10th Anniversary Program 


Collaboration & Negotiation

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Focuses on Seeing


Relinquish Thematic Narratives  


Exhibition as Experience



Emerging Curators Project (ECP) 2022 invites all past rewarded curators around the world to renew their efforts in teamwork and revisit all winning projects since 2014, echoing the initiative’s principles of setting no limits and highlighting all kinds of adventures.


As a preliminary section of ECP 2022, there have been 17 selected curators submitting six exhibition proposals to the Emerging Curators Project 2022. The curators have experimented with a more immediate and nomadic approach to teamwork. Via collaboration and negotiation, they jointly present topics of common concerns as well as their achievements of recent practices and research through mini exhibitions scattered across the exhibition hall on PSA’s seventh floor. 


The exhibition sample provided by the six teams, initiates the discussion on “can curation be teamwork?” In the following months, other curators who have not participated in the exhibition will also join the upcoming events in various forms. Through a series of guest talks, writing publications, and video interviews, ECP 2022 continues to focus the current development of young curators, understand their shared concerns and specific difficulties, and jointly explore a way to break through and move forward.

more info:

A Spring Breeze 2022-2023.JPG

A Spring Breeze 


策展人: 张营营 吴月

2022.12.17 - 2023.03.19 












April is the cruellest month, breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

memory and desire, and stirring

dull roots with spring rain.

— T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land

What makes April the cruelest month? Just imagine the feelings of the expected east wind and the cheerful spring.

The exhibition is meant to turn itself into a spring breeze that tickles the audience's sensitive nerves and makes them smile from the heart. Every piece of work seems free, innocent, and tender. The artworks are undefined and suspended in their meaning, alleviating all kinds of serious interpretations.

The spring breeze is transparent, only manifested in things, hiding and declaring the change of seasons in the details. The works in the exhibition are in the same vein, as they translate the ineffable perceptions into observable symbols. Yet like the spring breeze, one cannot tell the true meanings of the artworks due to ambiguity. For instance, AR transforms the invisible pressure into pressure-relief toys, a fake smile becomes a strategic compromise in the talent show of art, a tough guy starts embroidering, and the green leaves made of iron climb on the white wall.

It is always said that art comes from life but goes beyond, while the works in the exhibition are like a blast of spring wind that passes through creators' lives without making any solid changes to their situations. Nevertheless, art cheers up the mood. There are many pressing issues beyond the capabilities of any individual. The only thing to do is wait for the invisible spring wind that brings fresh drops of rain and bids farewell to winter. The spring is in our sincere expectation.

A spring breeze: it comes, then goes.

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